CSRM ARGO | A Complete Integrated Agro Industry in Bangladesh.

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Our main focus is to ensure the availability of protein in every diet. For which we are going to establish a complete Integrated Agro Industry in Bangladesh.
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CSRM Agro Ltd planning to provide desired healthy antibiotic free chicks and fresh agro feed to the farmers to ensure them the optimum growth for chicks.
CSRM Agro Ltd has always strives for the best bio-security thus they have selected the geographical location of the farms very carefully as the locations have huge impacts on the hygiene and health balance on the farm.



CSRM Agro Ltd has a vision of covering the complete poultry cycle from hatching chicks to producing further processed consumer chicken products by 2020.
CSRM Argo Ltd has a policy to conduct green business that does not pose environmental impacts on communities and  manage sustainable production resources to ensure food security. In parallel with research and development, the Company focuses on personnel development, applying CSR standards, good governance, and risk management to guarantee a strong business that enjoys sustainable growth and able to compete in the international market.


CSRM Agro Ltd always strives to improve and develop through thorough research. It has been our core nature to serve our customers and to go to every extend to ensure quality and assurance.




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